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Thank you for reaching out to The Gracious Mind. As of July 31, 2023, TGM is no longer operating as a group practice, but the good news is that our licensed clinicians are still ready and willing to help! Here’s how you can find them:

Janette Orona, LPC-Associate:
Whitney Roach, LPC:
Dr. Lindsey Warwick, LPC, LMFT:
Richard-Michael Calzada, LPC:
Dr. Karen McDowell, PhD:

If you are seeking psychological testing, we suggest exploring this link on Psychology Today to find an assessment psychologist.

If you are seeking therapy, we recommend reaching out to Empowered Healing Dallas.

If you are seeking psychiatric/medication management services, we recommend reaching out to Advanced Psychiatry DFW.

We have loved every minute of serving this community and appreciate the overwhelming care and support you have given us in return. Take care of yourselves and each other!!

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