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Individual, relationship, and group therapy. Assessment, diagnosis, treatment coordination, and collaborative care. Online courses, workshops, videos, and articles. Books, journals, workbooks, and gifts. Explore The Gracious Mind and find the wellness you’ve been searching for.


What We Do

Unconditional care and support

Our qualified clinicians provide individual, relationship, and group therapy options in an identity-affirming, trauma-informed setting. Click here to learn more about therapy services.

Courses, workshops, and gifts

TGM Press and the Gracious Mind Gift Shop offer a variety of online courses, books, workbooks, journals, and gifts to bring a little extra light into your life. Click here to visit our gift shop and help support those in need.

Affirming testing and assessment

Searching for answers? Wondering what’s going on with your mental health? We can help you get the right diagnoses, provide treatment recommendations, and work with your medical team to provide the best care possible. Click here to learn more about testing services.

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Workshops, classes, and live events

At TGM, our clinicians work to provide mental health education and resources in all kinds of ways, including workshops, classes, live talks, and more.



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We’re here to help you thrive.

Why You’ll Love Us

At TGM, we are passionate about improving wellness across Texas communities, especially in communities who have a hard time finding high-quality, culturally competent mental health care.

  • Low cost, sliding scale, and payment plan options
  • Telehealth sessions, self-paced courses, live chats, workshops, and more
  • Queer, Trans, Sex-Worker, Immigrant, Deaf, and BIPoC Allied
  • Creative, comfortable, and flexible relationships
  • Services available in ASL and English

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Changed Everything”

My work had us attend one of Dr. McDowell’s workshops, and I left feeling super inspired and hopeful. I would definitely recommend her for future company trainings.

L.E., Austin, Texas

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the Courses”

It’s hard for me to get out of the house because of my anxiety. I really liked getting to take the Anxiety is an Asshole course on my own time. It felt helpful, and low-pressure.

M.M., Oakland, California

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

Every time we request consultation or coaching services for our members, we get amazing feedback from the team. People get so much benefit and feel like they’re having fun at the same time! It’s the perfect mix of lighthearted and full of information.

R.C., Dallas, Texas

Our Blog

What We’re Working On

  • What is “Psychological Testing”?
    Psychological testing may sound kind of intimidating, but once you understand what it is and how it can help, you’ll find that it can be quite interesting and useful. If you’re experiencing symptoms like mood swings, memory problems, anxiety, sleepContinue reading “What is “Psychological Testing”?”
  • Low-cost counseling
    If you or someone you love needs counseling, assessment, or advocacy, look no further! Our excellent clinicians can provide you the support you’re looking for via telehealth, anywhere in the state of Texas. Contact us today for help!
  • TGM Press Is On Its Way!
    We couldn’t be more excited to announce that TGM press will be launching December first! With a focus on publishing high-quality, low-cost reading materials, workbooks, and journals, TGM will quickly be on your bestseller list!! You can find our newestContinue reading “TGM Press Is On Its Way!”