Investing in the future, serving the present.

At TGM, graduate students in counseling and psychology fields from accredited universities receive unique training opportunities and experiences while serving the communities they are passionate about.

Only the best.

Our interns go through an application and interview process, during which we evaluate for training experiences, clinical skills, worldview, and areas of expertise. We offer positions to only a select few trainees who have the skills and potential to serve our populations, who uphold our mission, values, and commitments, and who are dedicated to expanding their skills and knowledge.

Ongoing education.

Throughout their time with us, trainees receive 3-4 hours per week of direct education from supervisors, guest lecturers, and professional educational programs, in addition to their ongoing academic coursework. TGM training experiences emphasize our diverse populations, with specific focus on diverse populations, including the performing arts and creative community, as well as Deaf, Queer/Trans, BIPoC, and Sex Worker populations.

Supervision and mentorship.

In addition to direct education and mentorship, our trainees receive more than five hours of direct supervision from licensed clinicians every week. This offers them the opportunity to develop case conceptualizations, treatment plans, and intervention approaches with the support of an experienced clinician and their trainee cohort.

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For graduate students interested in practicum, supervised field work, internship, and/or post-doctoral fellowships, click here for more information. For university programs interested in establishing a relationships with our site, click here to contact us.

Clinical Supervisors: Dr. Karen McDowell, Dr. Robin Nevin, Monique Champagne, Lindsey Warwick, Sidrah Khan