Training Program

We currently offer practicum, internship, supervised field work, and post-doctoral placements for graduate students enrolled in or graduated from accredited mental-health programs in Texas. Potential applicants should carefully read the information on this page, explore our website and social media presence, and become familiar with our values, mission, and commitments before submitting an interview request.

To apply, please click here to complete our interview request form.

Interns are provided access to a wide variety of resources, including:
Administrative support for scheduling and client communication
Professional technology including Zoom, Trint, TherapyNotes, Thinkific, Zotero, and Google Workspace
Weekly clinical consultation and supervision groups on a variety of topics
Weekly assessment seminar and weekly clinical training seminar
Individual and group supervision
Research support and mentorship
Daily lunch activities such as book club, research round-up, art jam, and justice team
Opportunity to participate in TGM projects, programs, and creative development
Outreach and education opportunities in the community.

Practicum Interns
Masters- and doctoral-level practicum interns typically work around 20 hours per week, which includes 10-12 direct contact hours, as well as training, supervision, outreach and team meetings. Interns may work with children, adolescents, and/or adults in both virtual and in-person settings. Trainees are encouraged to participate in TGM activities and outreach with the opportunity to focus on their preferred population(s). Specific trainee schedules and requirements are developed based on the student’s needs and university expectations.

Advanced Interns
Doctoral-level trainees in clinical or counseling psychology who have completed their practicum requirements may choose to engage in paid supervised field work. Advanced interns work with children, adolescents, and adults, with an emphasis on assessment. Advanced interns typically work 12-35 hours per week, with flexible scheduling for academic demands such as dissertation and clinical internship interviews. Specific trainee schedules and requirements are developed based on the student’s needs and university expectations. More information about the advanced internship program can be found here.

Post-Doctoral Fellows
Post-doctoral trainees completing fellowship requirements for licensure typically work 20-40 hours per week. In addition to compensation and other benefits, Fellows receive weekly supervision, mentorship, EPPP and licensure support, and have the opportunity to engage in self-directed projects and programming. Post-doctoral fellows have the opportunity to provide supervision and mentorship to interns.

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