The R4K Fund

Providing therapy services for North Texas community members impacted by breast cancer.

Our Origins

The R4K Fund, founded in 2021, was founded in partnership with Denton,Tx-based blues rock group, LoveSick Mary, with whom members of our team have worked with on Rockers 4 Knockers since 2015. Our shared passion for supporting our community members inspired this opportunity to exemplify our efforts to give back and support North Texans impacted by breast cancer.

Who Can Qualify

We recognize that cancer touches the lives of the individuals as well as their support system once it becomes apart of someone’s reality. Through the R4K fund, we welcome all individuals who have personal and/or related experience with the struggles of breast cancer are welcome to inquire about therapy services.

How It Works

The R4K committee performs outreach throughout the year, with the hope that individuals come to know about The Gracious Mind and the R4K fund’s resources. In turn, these individuals become R4K beneficiaries, and are connected with a provider at The Gracious Mind that is best fit to the individual. Together, it is our hope that they are able to process whatever struggles they may be experiencing in response to this critical time in their lives, or the journey of recovering from it.

The Benefits

Each individual receives free therapy services with one of our providers, with additional services available at a reduced rate. The R4K recipients are able to connect with our providers using our secure Telehealth system.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact us today to get started through the R4K Fund. Mention the R4K fund to our team and we’ll point you in the proper direction.