Testing and Assessment

You’ve Got Questions?

We can help.

Our clients come to us with all kinds of questions…

What’s wrong with my memory?
Why can’t I focus on things like I used to?
Why am I crying more than usual?
Do I need medication?
Am I bipolar?
Do I have a learning disability?
Why don’t my relationships work out?
Is it possible I have an attention disorder?
How can I get disability accommodations at school?
Do I have PTSD?
Why do I feel so different from other people?
I feel like something is wrong, but I don’t know what. What will help?

Having questions about your mental health and psychological functioning is totally normal! When you work with the clinicians at The Gracious Mind, your questions will be treated with care and compassion as we help you find the answers. In addition to diagnoses and documentation, we also provide recommendations and referrals to help you take the next steps in your recovery. 

Testing is available in English, American Sign Language, and Spanish.

Meet our Assessors

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Testing fees vary widely, and depend on what type of testing is done. Contact our office to set up a free consultation with a clinician to discuss your testing needs.

For more information about what a testing experience is like, check out our blog post “What Is Psychological Testing?”