Consultation and Coaching

By Dr Karen McDowell, Ph.D., Owner and Creative Director of The Gracious Mind I frequently get emails from folks who are seeking advice or support as they tackle new goals orContinue reading “Consultation and Coaching”

Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!

Join us on Instagram Live, Wednesday Dec 9th at 12 central to chat more about this topic! Live ASL interpreter provided. Reflecting on extended family dynamics can help us understandContinue reading “Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!”

North Texas Therapy Referrals

I am often asked for therapist referrals in the Dallas/Denton area, so I thought I would make a post with my favorite professionals in the area. This list will beContinue reading “North Texas Therapy Referrals”

The Pensieve

In the fourth Harry Potter book, Dumbledore introduces us to the pensieve, a mystical bowl into which he can deposit the contents of his mind, and look at all hisContinue reading “The Pensieve”

81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Cannot Afford Therapy

With limited access to professional mental health care, dealing with mental illness can seem impossible.  Never fear!  Katherine Schreiber recognizes the need for us to be our own mental healthContinue reading “81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Cannot Afford Therapy”

Trans Affirming Therapy

There’s a difference between “acceptance” and “affirming” counseling. Even though many practitioners may be willing to work with Trans clients, it’s important that those individuals have more than just aContinue reading “Trans Affirming Therapy”