Happy Little Accidents: Love, Providers

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross. Inspired by Bob Ross’ words, take time with a clinician to draw, paint, or color your feelings and thoughts.Continue reading “Happy Little Accidents: Love, Providers”

Embodied Movement: Love, Providers

Join a safe space with a clinician and learn new ways to engage with your body that feel good and comfortable for you! Movement helps remind us of the mind-bodyContinue reading “Embodied Movement: Love, Providers”

Rising While Resting: Love, Providers

We’ve all heard of diamonds being created under pressure, but bread can only rise when rested. Join a clinician in the kitchen as they bake with you and talk aboutContinue reading “Rising While Resting: Love, Providers”

Mocktail Hour: Love, Providers

Join a psychologist and a bartender in the kitchen and learn how to make delicious non-alcoholic beverages as you explore self-care and substance use from a trauma-informed perspective. ~ LearnContinue reading “Mocktail Hour: Love, Providers”

Breathe Easy: Love, Providers

eed an hour to wind down, relax your shoulders, and relieve stress? One of our clinicians will be leading a guided meditation to help with connecting to yourself – physicallyContinue reading “Breathe Easy: Love, Providers”

Get Grounded

Today I thought I would teach you about grounding exercises, which are a relaxation technique often used to help manage anxiety, fear, and trauma responses. It’s a process that’s easyContinue reading “Get Grounded”

Surviving Suicide

The feelings that arise for survivors of suicide are complicated and uncomfortable, so if that’s the case for you, you’re not alone. You may be feeling responsibility, regret, anger, sorrow,Continue reading “Surviving Suicide”