Announcing: Dream Sharing Virtual Circle

Dream Sharing Virtual Circle is a TGM workshop series In this facilitated dream sharing group, we explore our dreams in an environment of mutual support.

Announcing Be Where You Art: A Creative Approach To Wellness.

Be Where You Art is our creative approach to wellness through engaging, interactive workshops for adults aged 18+ who are looking to grow mindfully, arftully while learning mental health skills along the way. Led by our TGM team members, Be Where You Art will be used as a space to grow, create and learn together.

Get Grounded

Today I thought I would teach you about grounding exercises, which are a relaxation technique often used to help manage anxiety, fear, and trauma responses. It’s a process that’s easyContinue reading “Get Grounded”

Surviving Suicide

The feelings that arise for survivors of suicide are complicated and uncomfortable, so if that’s the case for you, you’re not alone. You may be feeling responsibility, regret, anger, sorrow,Continue reading “Surviving Suicide”