Holiday Guide to Racial Justice

Need a helpful placemat to support your advocacy work? Check out Showing Up for Racial Justice‘s handy discussion guide!


I came across this poem and felt it so deeply, I couldn’t help but share it. Sorry! An apology from Muslims (or those perceived to be Muslims) to humanity We areContinue reading “Apology”

Systemic Racism Explained: Laci Green

Noted social justice educator Laci Green brings us this short introduction to systemic racism in America.

Does Advocacy Stop at Marriage?

Meredith Talusan offers her take on Jennicet Gutiérrez’s interruption of President Obama’s speech for Pride month. She offers a scathing critique of the administration’s deliberate dismissal of critical, life-threatening issues thatContinue reading “Does Advocacy Stop at Marriage?”

Wake Up, It’s Christmas! (plus 35 links to make you a better ally)

I’ve vacillated mightily today. I’ve cried tears of joy and rage. I’ve imagined a thousand weddings and mentally designed two thousand rhinestoned gowns, all while cursing the proprietary and historically oppressive institution. I’ve been excited, then furious with myself for being excited about something so freaking stupid.

Bear Witness

To witness is passive. To bear witness is active. I walk toward my own discomfort and pain because I know it is nothing compared to others’. I willingly keep my eyes and ears open, even though I hate it, because these injustices deserve and demand to be witnessed – especially by white people. It is our moral obligation to witness and respond to this.

Kalief: In Memoriam

Jennifer Gonnerman delivers a beautiful rendering of a tormented life. After three years at Rikers without a trial, Kalief Browder has died by suicide. “Ever since I’d met him, Browder hadContinue reading “Kalief: In Memoriam”

WoCSHN Responds to AASECT Awards

The membership and allies of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network respond to announcements of AASECT award winners: “It is outrageous that a book with this history and an editorContinue reading “WoCSHN Responds to AASECT Awards”

Not a Welfare Queen

Anna Gibson writes a piece introducing the myth of the welfare queen and the realities hidden behind that myth. “What we find in impoverished communities are a number of BlackContinue reading “Not a Welfare Queen”

I’m Pissed Too

A solid read on maintaining allyship, by Hasira Asheuma. “These intransigent forces would be ecstatic if I were to adopt the paradigm that informs me that he’s nothing but a privilegedContinue reading “I’m Pissed Too”