Connect2Care Virtual Conference

Growing Connections And Our Care. Connect2Care Virtual Conference is dedicated to fostering new connections and strengthening existing ones through education, outreach and networking opportunities. We are so excited to shareContinue reading “Connect2Care Virtual Conference”

Protecting Our Community: A Response to Governor Abbott’s Recent Letter

The Gracious Mind Team complies with the current legal documents surrounding confidentiality, mandated reporting, and ensuring we take steps to reduce child abuse. We want to be very clear thatContinue reading “Protecting Our Community: A Response to Governor Abbott’s Recent Letter”

Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!

Join us on Instagram Live, Wednesday Dec 9th at 12 central to chat more about this topic! Live ASL interpreter provided. Reflecting on extended family dynamics can help us understandContinue reading “Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!”

Family Maps with Schitt’s Creek: Small Bites with Monique Champagne

Reflecting on your family patterns can help you understand more about your present situation: how you got where you are, why you think what you think, and why you doContinue reading “Family Maps with Schitt’s Creek: Small Bites with Monique Champagne”

Tips To Calm An Anxious Child

” Imagine you are driving in the car. You look in the rearview mirror and see your child trying to shrink into her seat.   “What’s wrong?” you ask.  Continue reading “Tips To Calm An Anxious Child”

Becoming the Parent of a Trans Child

Learning the ins-and-outs of parenting a transgender child is made easier by the recent outpouring of stories, suggestions, and advice from families all over the world who are making theContinue reading “Becoming the Parent of a Trans Child”

Sex Workers Say “Stay in Your Lane”

Emily Shire brings us an inside look into the current trend of rich, white celebrities preaching about a vocation and work environment they do not have personal experience with. DidContinue reading “Sex Workers Say “Stay in Your Lane””

I Might Have Tears

Melissa Atkins Wardy, with permission from her son Ben, writes empathetically about his social anxiety and the kind of adjustments she has made to accommodate and honor those times BenContinue reading “I Might Have Tears”

Get Grounded

Today I thought I would teach you about grounding exercises, which are a relaxation technique often used to help manage anxiety, fear, and trauma responses. It’s a process that’s easyContinue reading “Get Grounded”


Photographer Katie Joy Crawford recently released twelve self portraits that make painfully apparent what life with an anxiety disorder feels like. Haunting photos make real for the viewer the experienceContinue reading “Anxious”