Fatphobia: It’s real, and it’s rampant

And we need to have some long overdue dialogue about it.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of fatphobia, it is time for you familiarize yourself.  Kitty Stryker does a fabulous job of explaining in this article, which she wrote in response to Continue reading “Fatphobia: It’s real, and it’s rampant”

We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.

The internet, social media, and other developments in technology have become excellent tools for social justice advocates to access and disseminate information, but they can just as often serve as sources of oppression.  This is especially true of video media, Continue reading “We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.”

11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally

In the past year, a number of transgender people have been gained increased visibility in mainstream media. With their stories capturing the attention of a continually growing audience, it has become evident that well-intentioned folks may not know how to properly express their support. Continue reading “11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally”

81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Cannot Afford Therapy

With limited access to professional mental health care, dealing with mental illness can seem impossible.  Never fear!  Katherine Schreiber recognizes the need for us to be our own mental health advocates, and lists several resources for those of in need of education and treatment.  Read them here!