Music Crosses Boundaries

Religious boundaries, physiological boundaries, emotional boundaries… music reaches deep. “For a split second, we became one person.” Watch Naomi Feil sing her way into the heart of a woman withContinue reading “Music Crosses Boundaries”

Be Where You Are

I’m learning a new song on the piano – it’s one of the hardest and most beautiful songs I’ve ever tried to play, and I have dreamed of playing itContinue reading “Be Where You Are”

Creative Decline

Dr. Peter Gray, professor at Boston College, brings us this article (with citations) on the impact of increasingly rigid classroom expectations. “Creativity is nurtured by freedom and stifled by theContinue reading “Creative Decline”

Creative Burnout

Dann Albright brings us some excellent insight into managing creative burnout, no matter what type of creative you are. Check out his helpful hints for getting back on track andContinue reading “Creative Burnout”

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