“Birth of Venus” by JC Neihardt


“Birth of Venus” by JC Neidhardt is a photography piece. Available for pick up only.

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“Birth of Venus” by JC Neihardt is a photography piece.

From the artist: ” This is a woman I know, not just the model but the idea. Birthed, existing. She stands in a small inflatable pool, modern conventions and trappings. She is dreaming. As far as ephemera, the physical objects ground her in reality, but for me float her in this idea of ephemera. These objects by themselves in the location can create a narrative and story. I can give you this photo without even telling you a detail, and you know. This particular photo series represents an escape from life. The bruises represent the abuse I have taken, and many have taken as queer people. We are beaten but not demeaned. As queer individuals we often have to take certain abuses to simply survive and bathe in the small wading pools that can be happiness. The pool is a cool dip outside of our reality.

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