TGM Pets

Best mental health advice: Feelings are like farts, better out than in.”

Fun fact: Bear’s favorite singer is Willie Nelson and he does a great impression of him.

Best mental health advice: “There’s always time for a nap with your favorite person.”

Fun fact: Alfred loves to sit on people’s feet! The closer to your feet the closer to your heart.

Best mental health advice: “Don’t feel guilty for walking away.”

Fun Fact: My hobbies include yelling about half full bowls, helping with puzzles, surprise attacking the dogs I live with, and licking people’s chins.

Best mental health advice: “Keep digging until you find what you’re looking for.”

Fun Fact: I love to give kisses (and am working on personal space boundaries), I’m great at cuddles (again personal space), and I can clear an 8 foot fence if the other side looks better. Spoiler: it’s NOT always better! 

Best mental health advice: “Don’t underestimate the power of a good nap!”

Fun Fact: Oliver wants you know that shopping bags make excellent superhero capes!

Best mental health advice: “When boulders look like mountains, I give myself compassion.”

Status: Retired. My retirement home allows me to explore, snore, and gorge whenever I want!

Best mental health advice:
Had a ruff day? Make sure to have a treat!” 

Fun Fact: My name might be Neptune, but everyone calls me Tuna! AND I can chase my tail FUREVER!!!!

Best mental health advice: “There’s nothing wrong with asking for love and attention!”

Fun Fact: I love obstacles at the dog park, and I look forward to going back when the pandemic is over!

Best mental health advice: “Find ways to see beauty in everything, like every single smell on our daily walk and food scraps that fell from the trash.”

Fun Fact: Zara is extra special- she has a fifth leg. She definitely doesn’t let that stop her from accomplishing her goals in life (which is mostly meeting squirrels and begging for leftovers).

Best mental health advise: “You deserve a snack time anytime!”

Fun Fact: I won’t break a raw egg and will protect it with my life if you give one to me!

Best mental health advise: “Have strong boundaries- Don’t do things you don’t want to do.”

Fun Fact: Moxie has RBF but also has lots of love to give. 

Best mental health advice: “Bloom where you are planted.”

Day job: Tricks for treats. Available to “play” the piano, search and find, jump through hoops, wave hi, solve toy puzzles, and *more depending on overtime treat payment. *Offer does not apply to barking.

Best mental health advice: “Just like in the great game of fetch, in life, sometimes you drop the ball. But that’s ok, you just need to know which balls are rubber and which balls are glass.” 

Fun Fact: I’m working my way toward becoming a therapy dog! I love bacon and peanut butter snacks, chicken, chasing leaves and squirrels, and CUDDLES.

Best mental health advice: “Sometimes advocating for yourself literally means tearing down barriers. For example, if pesky window blinds are standing in your way, simply rip a hole in them so you can look outside!”

Fun Fact: Mandy may appear meek at first, but she performs death-defying acrobatics on a daily basis!

Best mental health advice: “Nap and nap often. Nap on the couch. Nap in the closet. Nap alone. Nap with a cuddle buddy. Nap on the bed. Rest is important. You should nap.”

Fun Fact: When my mom is working on something really important or she is stressed out, I like to get on her shoulder and take naps. Mom says I make the best pillow and that my purrs are the best! 

Best mental health advice: “Listen to your heart, not your haters.”

Fun Fact: I’m a six month old, seventy pound, Deaf Great Dane, and I’m a ball of FUN!!!

Best mental health advice: “Being afraid of fear itself is what holds us back, not our fear of amazon couriers”

Status: Logan is a part time burrito snatcher and a full-time buffoon!

Best mental health advice: “If you act like a Queen, they’ll treat you like a Queen.”

Fun Fact: Ghost is my brother, so I’m constanly working on cohabitation and setting appropriate boundaries.

Best mental health advice:Prioritize rest and relaxation.”

Fun Fact: Chi is always ready for her closeup.

Best mental health advice: “Go get yourself some Vitamin D. Go get out in the sun and get some fresh air. Enjoy a breeze and the simple things in life like a stroll in nature and birdwatching.”

Fun Fact:  I love being outside, but don’t like putting on a harness, so when I want some fresh air and some outside time I cry by the front door. Mom picks me up and carries me into the fresh air. It’s the best. 

Best mental health advice: “Sometimes you’ve just gotta howl about it!”

Fun Fact: I will ALWAYS ruin a good cuddle with a face punch. I’m not trying to ruin it…I just want us to be CLOSER.

Best mental health advice: Remember to prioritize your self-care and hold firm boundaries, especially when it comes to taking a good long catnap”

Fun Fact: Lio’s favorite snack is matzoh! And, don’t let that cuteness fool you, she is purrocious. 

Best mental health advice:Stay curious and make time to stop and smell the…well…everything!”

Fun Fact: My full name is Bennie and the Pets, but my humans call me LOTS of different things! Bento Box, Bennie Hana, Benjamin Button, Benzo, Benifer Aniston, Bennie Brown-Paw, BenJAMin, Benji, and ‘ole Benny what’s-his-name.

Best mental health advice: If you can’t see it, its not scary”….(buries face under mom’s arm)

Fun Fact: If you do not let BeeBee go outside at 3 am, he will graciously sing you the song of his people. He also does this if you appear busy in any capacity. He’s doing it right now.

Best mental health advice: “I am Groot.”

Fav Nap spot: In the way/ the most underfoot

Best mental health advice:Whenever you’re going through a tough time, always make sure to engage in self-care. My self care is snooping around for a worn sock and taking a nap with it! It refills my cup and leaves me energized to take on the day!”

Fav mode of transport: Being carried like a toddler. She will wrap her legs around my torso and place her front paws on my shoulders, she doesn’t like to be carried any other way.

Best mental health advice:Find someone that you trust to be your authentic self with! I’m often authentic with my mom and I don’t feel the need to censor or change the volume of my barks. I will tell you what I think. Full. Volume.

Fun Fact: When you first meet Pancho, he will turn around and demand that you scratch his rump. There are no other places that need to be scratched for him. Consider yourself lucky.