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10:00-10:50 CSTFacilitating Gender Euphoria In Mental Health Settings 
with Braden Weinmann
Interpreting Sexual Concepts
with Bethany Gehman
Trauma informed Call In/Call Outs
with Zandra Ellis
11:00-11:50 CSTExploring Religious Trauma in Queer Populations 
with Sasa Vann
Self-Care for Queer Interpreters
with Lindsey Hall
Gender Evolution: Why Identity Language Matters
with Dr. Aiden Hirshfield
12:00-12:50 CSTQueer Immigration Issues and Resources
with Lindsey Warwick
Ethical Volunteering for Interpreters
with Tiffany Lloyd
When Your Friend is Suicidal
with Kerry Musico
1:00-1:50 CSTSupporting and Affirming DeafQueer Clients
with Bethany Gehman
Interpreting Protests and Rallies
with Monique Champagne
Curating Trauma-Informed Creative Spaces 
with Bitsy la Bourbon
2:00-2:50 CSTSupporting and Affirming Queer AAPI Clients
with Vy Cao-Nguyen and Marijo Villano
Cultural Issues in Interpreting: Examining Biases and Assumptions
with Monique Champagne
Cancel Culture vs. Accountability Culture
with Dr. Karen McDowell
3:00-3:50 CSTSupporting and Affirming Queer Sex Worker Clients
with Madison Hurley
Interpreting in Triggering Situations
with Tiffany Lloyd
Current Legal Rights and Resources for Trans Folx 
with Shelly Skeen
4:00-4:50 CSTHow Queer Mental Health Professionals can Navigate Shared Community Spaces
with Kitzia Moreno
Exploring Mental Health Settings and Perspectives for Interpreterswith Dr. Karen McDowellPractical Tips for Coping When You’re Triggered 
with Sidrah Khan