There are a lot of posts on this website, and it grows bigger every day! Here are some tips on exploring the site:

On the left side of each post, you’ll see several options:

(note – for mobile users, these options will show up at the bottom of a post)
  • “Explore by topic” will sort the articles into one of the four main categories.
  • The search bar will help you if you’re looking for something special.
  • Visitor favorites will show you our most popular articles right now.

At the top of each post, there are two ways to explore:

  • You’ll see the categories again, which you can click on.
  • You can also click the name of the author.
    • If it says “graciousminds,” that means it’s an annotation of someone else’s work (credited in the post).
    • If it says “KarenBartlett,” it was written by me.


At the bottom of each post, you have a couple more options:

  • Click one of the grey words that are hashtagged at the bottom of each post (right above the social media buttons).
  • You’ll see “related posts,” which will take you to similar articles on TGM.
  • You can click on “all posts” to see everything by that author.

If you want to get back to the front page, just click the TGM logo in the top left corner!