Gaming Through the Glitches: Love, Providers

Find a comfy spot with your favorite snack as you watch video games. Join us as we chat about overcoming obstacles and help you discover ways to practice grounding.


Motivation is Overrated: Small Bites Live with Karen & Monique

Instagram Live

Mo·ti·va·tion: the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Let's be honest, if we waited for the motivation to do the everyday things we need to do, nothing would ever happen! Join us for this Small Bites Live as we dig into how motivation, or lack thereof, impacts our productivity and our mentalContinue reading "Motivation is Overrated: Small Bites Live with Karen & Monique"


Self-Advocacy Skills: Deaf Heart Hangout

Facebook live

Join us on Facebook live and learn about assertive communication and get some tips for practicing self-advocacy. This event will be entirely in ASL.


Paws and Pause: Love, Providers

Calling all official and non-official emotional support animals and their humans! It’s no secret that animals have helped people heal through pain and trauma. In this hour, clinicians will talk about the different ways that animals and other parts of life can help you cope. Our best furry pals will be there too!  


Cultivating Gratitude, Elevating Attitude: Love, Providers

Spend time with us as you learn about the mental and physical benefits of practicing gratitude, a simple process that has been shown to increase life satisfaction and decrease depression. Decorate a gratitude container and discover other forms of gratitude exercises that can enhance your relationships and alter your mindset.