Color Calm: Deaf Heart Hangout

Download our coloring book (or grab your own) and join us as we talk about the mental health benefits of coloring and doodling.

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Loneliness: Deaf Heart Hangout

Many people are struggling with isolation during this pandemic, join us as we talk about finding and keeping connections.

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Teen Talk: Deaf Heart Hangout

Feelings are hard, but this hangout isn’t! play a game and laugh with us as we explore big and small feelings. (teens only, please)

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Happy Little Accidents: Love, Providers

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." - Bob Ross. Inspired by Bob Ross' words, take time with a clinician to draw, paint, or color your feelings and thoughts. Learn about how art can be therapeutic and represent more than the colors and lines on the page when we create with intention.


Caregiving: Deaf Heart Hangout

Explore tools to keep yourself well while caring for parents and loved ones as they age.

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