Ephemera Artist – Robert S. Garza

“The Watcher”

Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood Panel
22.5″ x 28″


Graphite and Spray Paint on Cardstock
12″ x 24″

“Searching” by Robert S. Garza

Robert S. Garza

he, him, his

Robert S. Garza is an artist who primary mediums focus in acrylics and spray paints. Robert identifies as a demiromantic, gay cisgendered man.

About the Piece: “The Watcher”

The Watcher is an entity I envisioned that represents the voice in the back of my mind throughout my life having hidden my sexuality for many years. It is ethereal, yet very substantial and it took form every time I felt the rush of secret attraction to classmates and friends I knew or TV and movie characters I quietly yearned for. He appeared as all the smoldering gazes I couldn’t keep out of fear for my safety. He was the seductive bare chest I wasn’t allowed to touch. He was Ephemera and he never judged, only watched.

About the Piece: “Searching”

This piece represents the constant search for comfort, safety, and sexual satisfaction that I personally embarked in my years exploring the world as a gay man. The eyes of the figure are blind, indicating the futility of his endeavors on a physical level. He has the body of a sculpted god that acts as a beacon for sexual partners, but he withholds his manhood behind robes to preserve some level of prudence. His hand rests across his chest that longs for compassion and touch that he can’t receive from himself. He is a contradiction, and he exists within me and many others in search of genuine partnership and romance in a culture of one-night stands.

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