Ephemera Artist – JC Neihardt

“Nuclear Family”

Ceramic vase set
20″ x 24″ x24″

“Venus Vanitas”

11″ x 17″

“Birth of Venus”

11″ x 17″

Birth of Venus by JC Neihardt
Venus Vanitas by JC Neihardt

JC Neihardt


My queer identity is in transition, much like most of us. I currently identify as non-binary, trying to separate myself from the traditional binary has been a big focus of the last year. This separation allows me to view gender identity and sexuality as whole and different entities. For me this means defining what I need to be, taking the parts of my masculine and feminine sides and measuring them out to the perfect recipe of perception. I am female presenting, however my inner self is so masculine that my chemistry is continuously manifesting male traits. Conflicting. My art work is entirely focused on this exploration, the playful and the visceral. I want to create a narrative always, of the struggle gender creates for all.

About the Piece: “Birth of Venus”

This is a woman I know, not just the model but the idea. Birthed, existing. She stands in a small inflatable pool, modern conventions and trappings. She is dreaming. As far as ephemera, the physical objects ground her in reality, but for me float her in this idea of ephemera. These objects by themselves in the location can create a narrative and story. I can give you this photo without even telling you a detail, and you know.

About the Piece: “Venus Vanitas”

A vanitas references death, and mine is no different. A death to my feminine side, and an acknowledgement of those watching carefully.

About the Piece: “Nuclear Family”

This is a sculptural vessel piece. In my work I often focus on the visceral parts of myself and my gender, referring to the body as something to be consumed, much like processed meat. As so much meat, my body only has as much value as others decide. This value can be determined through sexual value, mental value, physical value, and fiscal value. Much like most stock animals, my body is something that can be purchased and consumed. This pieces makes a commentary on the nuclear family, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. The perfect combination. This is the way I have processed my gender each vessel is a different aspect of myself the feminine being the struggle and the masculine being the abused. I have been processed by the USDA and found acceptable. It is reactionary to myself being misgendered and forced to apologize to those causing the harm in order to not rock the boat. “I do not owe you androgyny.” No one does.

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