Ephemera Artist – Emma Fernandez

“It’s Gone Stale”

styrofoam cakes, buttercream, cardboard, wood, metal, and modified found objects
14” x 20”

Emma Fernandez


I am a super fat white bisexual cis woman.

About the Piece: “It’s Gone Stale.”

This cake sculpture represents my own personal experience with sapphic relationships as a bisexual woman. All have been loving, beautiful and fleeting. Lesbian marriages are twice as likely to end in divorce than gay marriages and I wanted this piece to also highlight that. Is there any truth to the “lesbian death bed” myth? This piece fits the theme of Ephemera because in my life, sapphic love has been something that fills my senses with beauty and deep soul love, yet seems to fly away as the seasons change. This piece gives you the nostalgia of looking at an older relative’s wedding pictures, while being consumed with rot and decay. How can a love so strong flicker out so quickly? I look back on them fondly, with love in my heart, but and reminded that they all did, indeed, end. Some ended like the end of a thunderstorm, and others felt like losing a limb. But all bring me joy with their memories.

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