Ephemera Artist – Cher Musico

“Queen Latifah”

36″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas

“Smoking the Barbie”

Photograph printed on canvas
18″ x 18″


Acrylic and glitter on canvas
24″ x 18″

“Distant Travels”

Photograph printed on canvas
11″ x 17″

Divine by Cher Musico
Distant Travels by Cher Musico

Cher Musico


Cher Musico is an artist, photographer, producer, and educator based in the North Texas area.

About the Piece: “Queen Latifah”

A Sample from the Queer icons & Pop Art Series: It wasn’t until recent that this veteran performer felt comfortable enough to come out. For those of us on the queer spectrum, we need visibility so other’s can feel comfortable in their skin. I grew up listening to their music & watching them on screen, before I think either of us embraced our queerness. Visibility is important & I think it important to share theirs.

About the Piece: “Smoking the Barbie”

I’ve been working on a photograph series on film with performers. During the midst of the pandemic & since drag shows weren’t happening, my friend & I took portraits in my backyard as a safe way to gather & be in each other’s presence. I feel the relationships we foster & uplift….& the extended families we create with people, on or off the stage, are relevant to the way we shape out own story & history.

About the Piece: “Divine”

A Sample from the Queer Icons & Pop Art Series: Divine just exudes queerness & their visibility made it possible to other’s to live out their truths.

About the Piece: “Distant Travels”

Part of my exploration within my Filipinx-American identity involves deconstructed manila envelopes. Manila paper products were once made with abaca fiber, a native plant of the Philippines. I’ve been diving into family photographs & creating image transfers on deconstructed manila envelopes of childhood photographs of self with an object. Then I take photographs of those image transfers with the actual object from those pictures. These images were from a time before understanding my queerness or any sense of my identity. The past & present all in the same place, still relevant to my queerness; all a part of what I hold a connection to.

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