Ephemera Artist – Anjelica Thompson

“It’s Okay If It Melts”

watercolor, marker, pen on paper
10 pieces in 5 X 7 frames

Anjelica Thompson


Anjelica identifies as a queer individual.

About the Piece: “It’s okay if it melts.”

I have never been a fan of the brutal heat of a hot Texas summer day, but always looked forward to the summer treat of a snow cone. I remember having a favorite snow cone flavor when I was a kid: I loved blue coconut. As I got older, I hated that blue coconut would stain my teeth, so then I tried other flavors, mostly clear liquids, and found that I loved cheesecake and white coconut snow cones. I learned that you didn’t have to just pick one flavor as your favorite. You could like more than one and – get this – you could even mix them! Talk about mind=blown. As I got older some of the flavors I used to call my favorites were no longer as appealing, and the flavors I used to dislike turned out to be my new favorites. My friends and family tried out different flavors too. We didn’t all have to pick the same flavor. We didn’t all have to just pick one flavor. We didn’t get stuck with the first flavor we tried.

There are several parallels between taste in snow cones and identity within the queer community. My identity, and the language I use around my identity, have evolved over the years, much like my taste in snow cones. They are both fluid. Identity and self-exploration are important. It is okay and normal for identity and labels to evolve over time. Snow cones are all the same before you add the syrup flavor. People are all, at our core, the same too. We are all unique and bring something different to the table much like the different syrup flavors.

Each snow cone represents a different pride flag to show the diversity within our community.

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