D17 Workshops


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These free guided sessions are led by TGM therapists.

For about 30 minutes after each session, the therapist will be available by chat to answer questions and provide resources.

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Messages of Love

with Vy Cao-Nguyen 12/17/2020 3:00pm CST

Vy will be leading this exploration of unfinished communication and grief facilitation. She will guide you as you decorate an envelope to hold messages of love for those who are gone, and will help you learn more about ways to use letter writing to pursue healing. After the session, Vy will be available through chat to answer questions or provide you with resources.

Honing Your Intuition

with Monique Champagne 12/17/2020 5:00pm CST

Using tarot and oracle cards can bring awareness to where you are in life and what is important to you. This is not a tarot/oracle reading, but instead, Monique will guide you through tools that allow you to utilize cards on your own to connect with your intuition and find deeper authenticity. The workshop will include a guided experiential exercise to allow you to explore your own knowledge about your own life – you can use your own cards to follow along, or use the card options Monique pulls. We will explore some interpretations of universal symbols and archetypes, visualization, and meaning-making. Each participant will be encouraged to create their own connections (by honing their intuition) and will leave with something to further meditate on as it applies to their own life experiences. 

Supply list: your own deck (optional), paper, and pen.

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Make Your Own Altar Meditation Bottle

with Dr. Karen McDowell 12/17/2020 7:00pm CST

In this workshop, Karen will show you how to make your own meditation bottle for your altar (or your car, or your bathroom, or your bedside table!), and guide you through a brief meditation to practice using it. After the workshop, she will be available via chat to answer questions or help you finish your bottle.

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Storytime with Jacky

with Jacqueline Trinh 12/17/2020 9:00pm CST

Snuggle up with a blanket and your favorite drink as Jacky reads children’s stories of grief, healing, connection, and resilience – don’t worry, they’ll show you all the pictures too! After the readings, Jacky will be available by chat to answer questions or provide you with more resources.

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