White against White Supremacy

Acknowledging racial injustice exists is only the first step in developing allyship skills.  You are aware that racism is a real part of lived, daily experiences for People of Color.  YouContinue reading “White against White Supremacy”

Ruffalo on Feminism

Not to give cookies for pointing out the obvious, but there’s something special about seeing an influential white man use his platform to speak some feminist truth. I certainly understandContinue reading “Ruffalo on Feminism”

Serving Deaf Customers

“Good customer service is the defining factor of any good business – especially important is the first point of contact. As deaf consumers, we frequent a variety of businesses dailyContinue reading “Serving Deaf Customers”

Savior Complex?

When we see what we perceive as oppression, it’s easy to want to swoop in and protest it, but it’s important to bear in mind the ways in which other perspectivesContinue reading “Savior Complex?”

Unpacking the Social Model of Disability

I love this article by Lisa Egan exploring disability as a social construct, rather than a medical issue. “The medical model — the idea that a person has a disabilityContinue reading “Unpacking the Social Model of Disability”

Talking to Your Children About Weight in a Fatphobic Society

In a culture where fat bodies have long been rendered unacceptable, we are also dealing with the increasingly difficult challenge of eating fresh, healthy food and maintaining an appropriate exercise levelContinue reading “Talking to Your Children About Weight in a Fatphobic Society”

Tribute Without Appropriation

Recently there has been an increasing amount of media coverage on the controversial name of Washington D.C.’s NFL team, the Redskins, but they are not the only professional sports team toContinue reading “Tribute Without Appropriation”

Damsels not in distress

Article excerpt via NPR: “The Guardian Princesses, they are more like, go there and do it for yourself,” Marco says. “You can do anything you put your mind into. YouContinue reading “Damsels not in distress”

Gender and The Hunger Games

What if Katniss didn’t have to choose between Peeta or Gale? Dr. Mimi Schippers addresses gender responsiveness in different relationships.

20 things the poor do daily

Ben Irwin takes us on a fantastically clear and well-sourced journey through some of the struggles people living in poverty face, including difficulties with housing, lack of sleep, juggling multipleContinue reading “20 things the poor do daily”