It’s Raining in Baltimore

As emotional as we can get around issues related to racial injustice and disproportionate incarceration rates, It’s important to look at more objective data so we can understand and argueContinue reading “It’s Raining in Baltimore”

Facebook Fail

Christin Scarlett Milloy reports on the case of a black, Deaf and disabled trans woman, Kylie Brooks, who, after having successfully advocated for change to local Toronto services whose policiesContinue reading “Facebook Fail”

Sex Workers Outreach Project

Sex Workers Outreach Project USA is a growing social justice network devoted to providing outreach and advocacy for sex workers in the United States.  SWOP provides

Fatphobia: It’s real, and it’s rampant

And we need to have some long overdue dialogue about it.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of fatphobia, it is time for you familiarize yourself.  Kitty Stryker does a fabulousContinue reading “Fatphobia: It’s real, and it’s rampant”

We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.

The internet, social media, and other developments in technology have become excellent tools for social justice advocates to access and disseminate information, but they can just as often serve as sourcesContinue reading “We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.”

“Calling In” rather than “calling out”

When you are aware of oppression, and especially when you are actively seeking to fight against it, it is hard not to have passionate, knee-jerk reactions when you see peopleContinue reading ““Calling In” rather than “calling out””

Gender Performance is Hazardous to your Health

The social experience of gender expectation is more than just unfair – it can be hazardous to your health. Exploration of the impact of gender roles has to go deeperContinue reading “Gender Performance is Hazardous to your Health”

Finding Empowerment in the Face of Oppression

When we look back on the history and repercussions of the holocaust, we tend to think in terms of anti-semitism and victimization.  This book review highlights key elements of SarahContinue reading “Finding Empowerment in the Face of Oppression”

11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally

In the past year, a number of transgender people have been gained increased visibility in mainstream media. With their stories capturing the attention of a continually growing audience, it has become evident that well-intentionedContinue reading “11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally”

Being a “Nice Guy” doesn’t make you a feminist ally.

“Passivity is still Complicity.” In this article, Erin Tatum breaks down the complex forces at work regarding men and their relationship with feminism. While an increasing number of men may acknowledgeContinue reading “Being a “Nice Guy” doesn’t make you a feminist ally.”