Gay pride parades are not always the most inclusive events, often focusing primarily on the most privileged members of the community. As part of an attempt to highlight within-community oppression, activistsContinue reading “#WickedPissed”

7 Talks on the Trans Experience

Hailey Reissman has gathered seven different TED/TEDx talks to highlight the difference in every Trans person’s individual, lived experience. “Alice Miller was born in a body that didn’t feel likeContinue reading “7 Talks on the Trans Experience”

Talking Trans

Writing in the context of how mass media failed to show basic respect for trans lives, Thu-Huong Ha gives a brief guide on appropriate ways for people to discuss theseContinue reading “Talking Trans”

Kalief: In Memoriam

Jennifer Gonnerman delivers a beautiful rendering of a tormented life. After three years at Rikers without a trial, Kalief Browder has died by suicide. “Ever since I’d met him, Browder hadContinue reading “Kalief: In Memoriam”

6 Genders of Judaism

A fascinating look at gender representations in classic Judaism. The Sojourn blog notes they’ll be exploring the original source texts over the summer, so follow them there for continued updates. “There’sContinue reading “6 Genders of Judaism”


Another child lost to suicide-by-bullying. Five years later, his evangelical family is doing something about it. “I just had this sense of harm,” she sighed. “I know it’s hard toContinue reading “REMEMBERING TYLER CLEMENTI”

WoCSHN Responds to AASECT Awards

The membership and allies of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network respond to announcements of AASECT award winners: “It is outrageous that a book with this history and an editorContinue reading “WoCSHN Responds to AASECT Awards”

What’s in a Name? Everything.

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez reports in the San Francisco Examiner how the international debate over Facebook’s “Real Name Policy” has local consequences for the Bay Area. When organizers for what isContinue reading “What’s in a Name? Everything.”

Not a Welfare Queen

Anna Gibson writes a piece introducing the myth of the welfare queen and the realities hidden behind that myth. “What we find in impoverished communities are a number of BlackContinue reading “Not a Welfare Queen”

Male Privilege Through Trans Eyes

In the grand tradition of Peggy McIntyre’s  Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, many folks have contributed to growing awareness of privilege by adding to lists of privilege held by various identitiesContinue reading “Male Privilege Through Trans Eyes”