“Calling In” rather than “calling out”

When you are aware of oppression, and especially when you are actively seeking to fight against it, it is hard not to have passionate, knee-jerk reactions when you see peopleContinue reading ““Calling In” rather than “calling out””

11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally

In the past year, a number of transgender people have been gained increased visibility in mainstream media. With their stories capturing the attention of a continually growing audience, it has become evident that well-intentionedContinue reading “11 Ways to be a Trans* Ally”

Being a “Nice Guy” doesn’t make you a feminist ally.

“Passivity is still Complicity.” In this article, Erin Tatum breaks down the complex forces at work regarding men and their relationship with feminism. While an increasing number of men may acknowledgeContinue reading “Being a “Nice Guy” doesn’t make you a feminist ally.”

Serving Deaf Customers

“Good customer service is the defining factor of any good business – especially important is the first point of contact. As deaf consumers, we frequent a variety of businesses dailyContinue reading “Serving Deaf Customers”

Trans Affirming Therapy

There’s a difference between “acceptance” and “affirming” counseling. Even though many practitioners may be willing to work with Trans clients, it’s important that those individuals have more than just aContinue reading “Trans Affirming Therapy”

Unpacking the Social Model of Disability

I love this article by Lisa Egan exploring disability as a social construct, rather than a medical issue. “The medical model — the idea that a person has a disabilityContinue reading “Unpacking the Social Model of Disability”

Talking to Your Children About Weight in a Fatphobic Society

In a culture where fat bodies have long been rendered unacceptable, we are also dealing with the increasingly difficult challenge of eating fresh, healthy food and maintaining an appropriate exercise levelContinue reading “Talking to Your Children About Weight in a Fatphobic Society”

Gender and The Hunger Games

What if Katniss didn’t have to choose between Peeta or Gale? Dr. Mimi Schippers addresses gender responsiveness in different relationships.

A matter that becomes clear…

Nietzsche reminds us that self-reflection and an inward focus can help clear our minds of worries and concerns. When we’re immersed in something uncomfortable, it’s hard to find clarity. TodayContinue reading “A matter that becomes clear…”

What I Expect from a Keynote Speaker

After the long car ride home from an event, during which I spent a lot of time processing the impact of a particularly divisive and controversial keynote speech, I stumbled inContinue reading “What I Expect from a Keynote Speaker”