Music Crosses Boundaries

Religious boundaries, physiological boundaries, emotional boundaries… music reaches deep. “For a split second, we became one person.” Watch Naomi Feil sing her way into the heart of a woman withContinue reading “Music Crosses Boundaries”


In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Lee McIntyre argues that the West is at an intellectual crossroads, where unprecedented numbers of people and opinion leaders reject empirical truth when decidingContinue reading “Truth”

Power Girls

“Powerful girls grow up feeling secure in themselves. They learn to take action, making positive choices about their own lives and doing positive things for others. They think critically aboutContinue reading “Power Girls”

7 Talks on the Trans Experience

Hailey Reissman has gathered seven different TED/TEDx talks to highlight the difference in every Trans person’s individual, lived experience. “Alice Miller was born in a body that didn’t feel likeContinue reading “7 Talks on the Trans Experience”

Talking Trans

Writing in the context of how mass media failed to show basic respect for trans lives, Thu-Huong Ha gives a brief guide on appropriate ways for people to discuss theseContinue reading “Talking Trans”

Affirming Others

It takes a lot to go onstage. Standing under bright lights while a group of people sit and stare at you is, to put it mildly, an incredibly vulnerable position, andContinue reading “Affirming Others”

Death and Compassion

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Personality and Social Psychology Review looks at the ways our ideas around death impact our relationships. “Authors of a new study reviewed earlier research that hadContinue reading “Death and Compassion”

Compassion in the Workplace

Dr. Emma Seppälä gives us some excellent insight into how we can respond to others’ mistakes in the workplace. “First, compassion and curiosity increase employee loyalty and trust. Research has shown thatContinue reading “Compassion in the Workplace”

No Cookies for the Bare Minimum!

For allies, gratitude can sometimes highlight privilege in uncomfortable ways. The Frisky Fairy offers some insight into their own process of receiving gratitude, and reminds us that “acceptable behavior” shouldn’tContinue reading “No Cookies for the Bare Minimum!”

We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.

The internet, social media, and other developments in technology have become excellent tools for social justice advocates to access and disseminate information, but they can just as often serve as sourcesContinue reading “We’re sorry. Netflix is not for you.”