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Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!

Join us on Instagram Live, Wednesday Dec 9th at 12 central to chat more about this topic! Live ASL interpreter provided. Reflecting on extended family dynamics can help us understand the impact of intergenerational patterns. When we can step back and look at the larger context of our extended family, we can learn more aboutContinue reading “Family Maps – The Schitt’s Creek Way!”

An Inside Look into DeafParented: Neither/Both

A big shout out to CODA.That for elevating this conversation. Understanding the implications of being deaf-parented has been an integral part of my personal and professional journey. My hope is that others see themselves in parts of this narrative.  My fascination with people goes back as far as I can remember, although I didn’t realizeContinue reading “An Inside Look into DeafParented: Neither/Both”

Low-cost counseling

If you or someone you love needs counseling, assessment, or advocacy, look no further! Our excellent clinicians can provide you the support you’re looking for via telehealth, anywhere in the state of Texas. Contact us today for help!


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