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Client, Clinicians, and Community Events Guidelines

Purpose: to provide guidelines for clients, clinicians, team members, and community members to ensure protection of safety, privacy, and confidentiality, while allowing for a maximum amount of community participation and engagement. Reason: we recognize that engaging in community activities can be an immensely beneficial experience for people, especially those from marginalized communities. We believe theContinue reading “Client, Clinicians, and Community Events Guidelines”

Community Care Plan: North Texas Performing Arts Community

Community Care Plans are designed to address specific conflicts and crises occurring in communities, workplaces, and organizations. If your group or community needs support, please reach out to request a CCP in your area. The North Texas Performing Arts Community is currently engaging in a social-media based process of calling out problematic and abusive systems,Continue reading “Community Care Plan: North Texas Performing Arts Community”

Summer of Pride: Call for Submissions

Brainbow: A Virtual Conference for Pride-Minded People We are seeking presenters, educators, and artists to teach queer-focused workshops to professionals and community members. This virtual conference is an all-day event on July 31st, with three tracks: Mental Health, Interpreters, and Community. We are obtaining CEUs for as many workshops as possible, however, workshops are notContinue reading “Summer of Pride: Call for Submissions”

Where Does the Money Go?

When you choose The Gracious Mind, you help us further our mission to provide safe, affirming, and accessible mental health services to the community. 100% of the proceeds from all of our fundraising events go to support The Gracious Mind, our team, and our services. Your support allows us to: Provide sliding-scale, low-cost, and no-costContinue reading “Where Does the Money Go?”


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