Marcus Moreland, Practicum Intern

Marcus (He/They) is finishing his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at TWU and provides therapy services at an advanced intern level. He is currently under the supervision of Lindsey Warwick LPCA/LMFTA. Marcus works within an integrative model of therapy which borrows much of its central tenants from Existentialism, Multicultural and Feminist Therapy, and more. He believes that at its core, mental health is largely impacted by our ability to live our truths and find new adaptive ways to handle life’s innate suffering.

Marcus perceives the therapeutic space as one that is incredibly individualized while also aiming to provide universal needs of security, acceptance and understanding, connection, and growth. He is determined to meet clients where they are but collaboratively strives to challenge the individual’s perceptions of self, others, and their world. Marcus describes openness and authenticity as being amongst his most important values both within and outside of therapy.

When he’s not at work, Marcus is usually occupying himself with loved ones, video games, dogs, working out, and binging youtube.