Jamie Campos, M.A., Practicum Intern

Jamie Campos (they/them/theirs) is first-year graduate student in the Counseling Psychology master’s program at Texas Woman’s University. Jamie has completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Houston.

Jamie is entering their first semester as a practicum student and has completed coursework in multiculturalism, theory, gender diverse challenges, and pre-practicum clinical training. Jamie currently works in community health case management helping individuals obtain basic needs for daily living and coordinating mental health treatment. Jamie has previous experience in clinical research with Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Houston examining the mental health impacts of climate change.

Jamie has supervised clinical training with all age groups and a diverse range of identities as a case manager and as a former behavioral therapist. Their therapeutic goals are to dismantle power disparities between them and their clients, promote and develop coping and social skills using a strengths-based approach, and for both them and their client to present as their genuine selves during therapy. Jamie uses an integrated theoretical approach of multiculturalism, feminist, interpersonal process, and relational cultural therapy. Their orientation is porous and will be adapted to their client’s specific needs and identities. Jamie uses a collaborative approach to healing and considers themselves a fellow traveler in their client’s therapeutic journey.

Jamie’s professional goals are to explore the mental health defenses against climate change and to bridge the gap between underserved communities and the changing climate. They hope to grow toward eco-therapy methods for facilitating an individual’s connection with nature to restore their client’s mental health.

Jamie is not currently accepting new clients.