Vy Cao-Nguyen, M.A.

Advanced Intern and Consultant

Vy Cao-Nguyen (she/her) is a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. Vy has specialized training in multicultural issues, social justice advocacy, and diversity and equity. In her work as a therapist, assessor, and consultant, she strives to provide compassionate, trauma-informed services from a sex-positive and feminist framework. Vy has worked with young adults and adults at a variety of settings such as shelters, hospice, and a university counseling center. Vy believes that healing begins by fostering clarity and connection in relationships, and uses an emotion-focused and strengths-based approach to empower clients to grow. Never one to underestimate the power of art and nature, Vy enjoys incorporating creative elements into clients’ growth journeys. When she is not doing therapy, Vy may be found in the garden with her dogs or camping at the local craft store.