Marijo Villano, M.A.

Advanced Intern

Marijo Villano (she/her) is an advanced doctoral trainee earning a degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. She works to create a safe, trauma-informed space to help clients freely and creatively explore themselves and their world. Marijo believes that experiencing safety in relationships, including with the self, can be the key to living an authentic and healing life. Marijo also believes in the strengths and resilience that people hold that not only help them survive, but thrive. She has experience working with trauma ranging from racial, sexual, complex, and familial. She also has experience in working with AAPI issues, relationship issues, and work/career related issues. When Marijo isn’t in session with clients, you can find her hiking, watching anime, exploring different food scenes, or changing the layout of her island in Animal Crossing!