Chrissy Meek, M.A.

Advanced Intern

Chrissy Meek (she/her) is a passionate counseling professional who completed her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at TWU in 2019 and is pursuing her PhD. She is currently focused on her clinical work at TGM and completing her dissertation focused on Highly Sensitive People. Chrissy has served as a counselor and assessor with a diverse community of mental health clients since 2015. She strives to create a safe, affirming, and healing therapeutic relationship where clients can feel free to be authentic, vulnerable, expressive, and feel seen, heard, and valued. Chrissy approaches her work from a relational-cultural, interpersonal, sex positive, LGBTQ+ affirming, and trauma sensitive perspective. She incorporates connectedness, collaboration, feminism, individual context, vocation, culture, identity, values, and coping skills into the counseling process. She believes that mental health is often centered around our relationships with ourselves, the systems we live in, and those around us, and that exploring these can often be the catalyst for change and growth!  

In her free time, Chrissy appreciates moving artwork, 80s & Lo-Fi music, cooking, gardening, playing Stardew Valley, bullet journaling, and exercising. She is also a colossal Star Trek fan and will not hesitate to quote Captain Jean Luc Picard at any available moment.