Aiden Hirshfield, Ph.D.

Director of Media Operations

Dr. Aiden Hirshfield (he/they) is a consultant, researcher, mentor and educator who has been involved with The Gracious Mind since 2015. Aiden holds a a PhD in Media Psychology and has more than a decade of professional experience in media research, production, and consulting with much of his work focused on gaming, user experience (UX), gender + sexuality, and immersive technology. As a TGNC and Queer-identified professional, Aiden is committed to promoting equity, inclusion, and better representation of marginalized communities in media and tech. After going through the rigorous and disheartening process of earning a PhD,

Aiden is committed to academic institutional reform and has worked closely with students and educators to reduce barriers that many marginalized students face. At TGM, Aiden oversees strategic planning, organizational development, media, research, grants, and mentorship opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about Aiden’s work, publications, and portfolio, visit