Community Care Plan: North Texas Performing Arts Community

Community Care Plans are designed to address specific conflicts and crises occurring in communities, workplaces, and organizations. If your group or community needs support, please reach out to request a CCP in your area.

The North Texas Performing Arts Community is currently engaging in a social-media based process of calling out problematic and abusive systems, policies, and practices, as well as requesting/demanding accountability from individuals who have engaged in harmful behaviors. We recognize that these unacceptable practices are not limited to one individual, group, or organization, and that unsupported efforts at seeking justice can often have the opposite effect, increasing harm and retraumatization among the very people we hope to protect.

As artists and scientists, and as members of this community ourselves, we are prepared to address these issues from restorative-justice, trauma-informed, and research-based approaches. We know that all humans have the capacity to change, grow, and heal, and are committed to facilitating that process. Learn more about our values, commitments, and mission by clicking here.

Our Community Care Plan for the current situation consists of the following four components:

Engaging in accountability processes is difficult, and requires a great deal of time, effort, energy, and expertise. Our professional, trained consultants can work with individuals and organizations interested in engaging in accountability, examining their own systems of power and privilege, and enacting active change within their unique setting. Our consultants’ expertise includes crisis response, business structure analysis and revision, call-in/call-out support, program development, media psychology, active allyship training, and more. To request individual or organizational consultation, contact us here.

Recognizing the significant mental, emotional, and physical impact of these experiences and conversations, we are committed to providing accessible therapy services for members of the community who have been impacted by this situation, regardless of financial resources. All services are provided by multicultural, trauma-informed, identity-affirming therapists in a HIPAA-compliant, virtual setting. To request therapy services, contact us here and let us know you are requesting services under the Community Care Plan.

We are developing a series of community-focused research materials to give voice to those who have been silenced, disempowered, and harmed. Our trained researchers will collect information using an anonymous, encrypted platform, and will analyze the data in order to accurately identify critical issues that need to be addressed. As we continue to receive public participation in our research, we will produce additional surveys to identify potential avenues for accountability, restoration, and healing. Submit your email address here to be notified of research participation opportunities.

It is our intention to publicly distribute the information we gather from our research through accessible platforms such as infographics, summaries, data sheets, and blog posts, as well as providing resources for productions, theaters, and arts organizations to gain more knowledge and improve their anti-oppressive practices. Additionally, we will be providing education and training from a variety of voices about the process of restorative justice and how to engage in trauma-informed dialogue. These materials and educational opportunities will be accessible through our website and social media platforms.

If you are able, please consider supporting our work by donating or providing a therapy scholarship for someone in need. Every dollar makes a difference!

We always welcome collaborative inquiries from like-minded professionals interested in participating in this work.