Milk Farms = Exploitation

When corporate interests commodify women’s bodies, there’s no way to avoid exploitation. Good intentions aside, this system doesn’t put the power in women’s hands. Women who are suffering might end up having to sell their nutrient-rich breast milk, and feed their own babies low-cost, low-quality formula.

“As the established for-profit companies totter down the line between ethics and profits, the liquid gold rush continues. Glenn Snow, who says he founded Only the Breast as a community service, has just stepped down. He says he never made a profit from his first venture, but that should change with International Milk Bank, his new, for-profit company. He plans to tap women on Only the Breast for the opportunity to sell directly to his new business, which will pay prescreened donors $1 to $2 an ounce for their milk. “Reimbursing the mother is absolutely crucial,” says Snow. “By serving their needs, they are able to serve their baby’s needs.” International Milk Bank plans to sell sterilized donor milk to hospitals in the U.S. and abroad, as well as to any mom who can afford it.”

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