White against White Supremacy

Acknowledging racial injustice exists is only the first step in developing allyship skills.  You are aware that racism is a real part of lived, daily experiences for People of Color.  You share #BlackLivesMatter memes, support affirmative action, and actively oppose the use of racial slurs.  You’re an ally right?  Not necessarily.  Being an ally to any oppressed group doesn’t only mean recognizing their oppression and trying not to be part of it yourself. Allyship means actively working to dismantle oppressive systems.  For anti-racist allies, it means first and foremost listening to People of Color about what the important issues are, and what is needed.

Since asking the next non-White friend you see how you can help end racial oppression is NOT a good example of allyship, click here to read an article including advice from 11 POC on how to be a true anti-racist ally.

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